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Divorce, Legal Separation & Annulment

Divorce can be a difficult topic to approach objectively, which is why the legal help of a divorce lawyer is so necessary. When you hire FRED
in Southfield, MI, we will advise you on the best ways to achieve your desired outcome and represent you at all proceedings. We keep a cool
head throughout negotiations so that you get what is rightfully yours by law.

Whether the rights in question are to parental custody, your legal portion of your estate, or simply items of sentimental value, your FRED divorce
lawyer won't stop until we have exhausted all possible options. We make sure that you are never taken advantage of, no matter your situation or

Friendly, Compassionate Assistance

Because divorce is often such an emotional situation, we will always treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve. We'll listen to whatever
objections or ideas you may have, and give you our honest, compassionate opinion. Our divorce lawyer will always be in your corner of the ring
so you know we have your back.

Likewise, we won't add more trouble to an already complicated and stressful experience. At FRED, we strive for satisfactory outcomes that
won't overburden our clients. We'll do all of the hard work so that you can focus on moving forward to your new future.

Convenient Availability

Whether you would like to visit one of our offices in Southfield, MI; East Lansing, MI; or Grand Rapids, MI, or you want to give us a call, we are
always ready to talk and get to know you and your case. Use the numbers at the top of the page to contact the office nearest you. If you prefer to
message us online, our email address is, and we also have a convenient contact form you can fill out below.

We know that divorce is often a trial, but with our help you will persevere. FRED is dedicated to your success in your divorce case, and we will
always do whatever we can to be of assistance. Contact us today.

Contact the attorneys at FRED specializing in men's rights for your free office consultation!

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