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The Pazner Law Firm, PC/Father's Rights for Equality in Divorce is dedicated to the following values: we will work hard, provide legal services on a timely, effective and efficient basis, and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity. The Pazner Law Firm, PC/ Father's Rights for Equality in Divorce was founded in June of 2000, ensuring fairness and equality through the judicial process in advocating for men's rights in divorce and family law. Founder Eric L. Pazner has been advocating for men's rights for over 26 years and advises clients on how to best address the potential game playing that occurs both outside the courtroom and inside the privacy of the client's home.

" I recently went through my divorce this year. Mr. Pazner was extraordinarily knowledgeable of the Oakland County court system and was great about helping me navigate the ins and outs, and answering all of my questions as we went along. I was very satisfied with the end results! "


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" I had a straightforward divorce case and Eric handled it well. He always explained what the process was, what he was going to do, what I could expect, etc. I found him to be honest with me and my experience was pretty much exactly as he described. I recommend Eric wholeheartedly.  "


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