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How Do i know which attorney is right for me?

It is highly recommended that you engage in a comprehensive interview process for prospective attorneys. Ultimately, the attorney you select is one that you will develop a relationship with for the next sixty days to one year, depending upon the issues pertaining to your individual case. The attorney you select is someone that you should have confidence in, trust and has fully satisfied all of your inquiries with realistic, honest answers.

How much can I expect to pay for a divorce or other family law matter?

The Pazner Law Firm, PC provides a free initial telephone consultation for each prospective client. Each prospective client is invited to attend an office consultation. The Pazner Law Firm, PC operates requires an initial engagement fee, which is determined by the complexity of the case.

Is Custody Automatically awarded to the mother?

No. This is a typical bias within society and often the court system. In order to assess the proper custodial environment for a child, the Michigan Courts apply the best interest factors as contained within the Michigan Uniform Child Custody Act.

What forms of payment are accepted?

The Pazner Law Firm, PC, accepts cash, check, Visa, and Mastercard.

How Long Will a Divorce Take?

In Michigan, there is a 6 month statutory waiting period of divorce cases involving minor children, from the time the complaint is filed until a judgement is entered. In Michigan, with divorce cases involving no minor children, there is a statutory 60day waiting period, from the time the complaint is filed until a judgement is entered. Some judges will waive the balance of the 6 month statutory waiting period after the minimum 60 day statutory waiting period has been exceeded, assuming all issues have been resolved pertaining to custody, child support, parenting time & property distribution.

Should I File First?

There is a distinct advantage to filing first in a divorce or family law case. Specifically, initiating the action not only provides control but provides an opportunity for ex parte orders to be entered at the time of filing the complaint, without a hearing. Typically, these orders will address issues pertaining to custody, parenting time, child support and protection of assets in the marital estate.

How is Child Support Determined?

Michigan Child Support Guidelines are utilized to determine the non-custodial parent's child support obligation. This is a function of each party's net income. If a party is underemployed, income may be imputed to that party. There are occasions when the court may deviate from the Michigan Child Support Guidelines.

Can One Attorney Represent Both Parties?

No. An Attorney can ethically provide legal service to one party.